Mouse Usage and Hot Keys

From the manual:


  • Left Mouse Button permits moving bidules, adding connections, etc.
  • Right Mouse Button in black patchbay pops up a bidule selection menu.
  • Right Mouse Button on a bidule, pops up a contextual menu.
  • Not in the manual for some reason, but very useful:
    • Option-drag (Mac) or alt-drag (windoze) a bidule so that its output connectors are over some cables where you want to insert the bidule. When the cables light up, drop, and the connection will be made automagically. To remove a bidule from a chain without breaking the cables, option/alt-drag the bidule away, and it disconnects itself without breaking the overall connection. A big timesaver!


  • Arrow Keys pan through the patchbay.
  • CTRL(Windows)/SHIFT(OS X)-Up and Down/Mouse Wheel zoom in and out of the patchbay.
  • Home to get back to default pan/zoom settings in the patchbay.
  • Highlighting a bidule or connector + "Del" deletes it.
  • Backspace(Windows)/TAB(OS X) to go back to the parent group.
  • CTRL(Windows)/Command(OS X)-double left click to explore a group.
  • CTRL(Windows)/Command(OS X)-C, V, and X for your usual cut and paste needs.
  • You can select multiple bidules/connectors by pressing CTRL(Windows)/Command(OS X) while selecting or by using the left mouse button to lasso.

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