OMNIVORE NEWS, 1994-2009.  R.I.P...

Started in 1994, The Omnivore was the first truly global news portal on the web.  Others gathered newspapers earlier, but global coverage was missing whole continents.  I complained about one such service to its owner, and he said, "here is the password, do it better." I renamed it the Omnivore and found news from all over the world, even Antarctica while they were doing it.  In its day it was one of the top 300 web sites on teh internets.  I was especially proud of the African coverage, which was providing a very different picture of Africa than the one usually presented in the western media..  Over time, I let it slip into disrepair as I worked on other projects, and the Internet has passed the Omnivore by, leaving it obsolete.  

If you want the equivalent service, I would recommend Google News, which provides customizable headlines with a news aggregator search that covers thousands of news feeds.

Of course, Way Net is still very much alive.  If you made it here, give my music a listen at Way Music.

Rich Rath
March 2009