The Anti-Immigration Bills are Anti-Family

In order to get the full effect of how anti-family they are, consider how proponents of the bills have to define "nuclear family." In the view of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (F.A.I.R.), an anti-immigration lobby, a nuclear family includes spouses and underage children, that's it.[LINK TO F.A.I.R.'s "NUCLEAR FAMILY" PAGE]. Consider how much of the U.S.'s concerns with the decay of family values would be 'cured' if conservatives simply applied the same definition of nuclear family to all citizens as the one they seek to apply to immigrants: A child's parents would not be part of its nuclear family, nor its siblings. The parent and the spouse would no longer have the burden of nuclear children as soon as they came of age.

This definition of family would be funny in its absurdity, were it not for the fact that it is being seriously considered, with efffects that will destroy family units on a scale not seen since slavery, separating mothers and fathers from children and sisters from brothers.

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Last altered May 29, 1996