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South Asian Women for Action (SAWA) is a Boston-based, progressive, non-hierarchical collective of women of South Asian descent.

Members of SAWA

We are committed to acting on, advocating and continually revising our agenda along with other progressive groups in our fight for social and economic justice.

Our upcoming newsletter.

Activist alert: The immigration bill we mobilized against has been passed and is now in conference before being submitted to the president, but the underlying issue of access to public aid -- and the stereotype that some immigrants are more deserving than others -- remains very much alive. SAWA continues to be concerned about the punitive measures against illegal immigrants and legal immigrants in need of public assistance. We urge you to find out more about the legislation and its intended effects and ACT NOW to fight it by sending a letter to the President urging him to oppose it. We welcome material, suggestions, and strategies to counter this unfair legislation.

Contacting SAWA

Write to us with your reactions, comments, and suggestions at [[CONTACT PAGE]]. If you would like to become involved with SAWA, our meetings are on the second Tuesday evening of every month. Write us for information about time and place.

South Asian Resources

[CONTACT PAGE] of any resources we may have missed. If they are relevant, we will link to them here.

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