Another PRISMM capture

Synesthesia is the transference of one sense to another, such as seeing sounds.  I have a theory, that has been provisionally working out, that during times of flux in the senses, such as when the possibilities of a new medium are first being fully explored, synesthesia becomes more prevalent.  If you can see what I am saying, you have one version of it, though cogsci types try to seperate metaphors from the actual “affliction.” For some reason, it usually maps sound onto vision, but I have instead mapped vision onto sound with PRISMM.

Here is another video of PRISMM, this time it is just me.  If you missed out last time, this is a max/msp/jitter patch I wrote  that makes music from motion.  Up and down is pitch, left and right changes the mix of the two synths.  Let me know what you think!

Synesthesia is a favorite topic of mine.  It is the transference of one sense to another

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