99 Percent Blues live at (de)Occupy Honolulu

Here we are holding down the Sunday jam at Thomas Square for (de)Occupy Honolulu: Michael, Laulani, Dave and Laulani, who is trying to video while singing backups and playing ukulele, and myself on slide and singing.  Michael plays upside down and backwards, Jimi Hendrix style, and David has an endless stream of classic folk songs and his own originals.  Michael and Laulani took turns laying down the Hawaiian songs beautifully, some of their own, some classics.  We are there at Thomas Square, corner of Beretania and Ward, just like in the song, every Sunday, along with Food not Bombs, at 3 PM until dark.  I won’t be able to make it this coming week, so I hope five more will take my place!  I’ll be back the following week though, after taking a break to Molokai.

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