Dangerous Kitchen

Just posted a loop of Monisha and me prepping and cooking dinner  It is all knife chops, wok sizzle, spoon drops and bowl thunks.  Feeling a need to break out of the soundcloud impression that I specialize in acoustic slide blues.

The title of the post and the sample set is from a Frank Zappa song, Dangerous Kitchen.”  The song is a bit lame, so instead of going there, check out this 1974 made for tv video of “Inca Roads” instead.  Please at least get to the three minute mark where the fast cut claymation brain melt begins along with some amazing guitar. All years before MTV. And he steadfastly claimed he never took drugs to get this trippy.

Not a big Zappa fan but love this.  In the same department of people I like one or two things by is Captain Beefheart’s last musical offering to the world.  Rejected by MTV as too weird, it is now in the Permanent Film and Video Collection of the Museum of Modern Art, NYC according to the vid description.  And if MOMA does not convince you of its value, maybe the fact that I think it might be my favorite video of all time will.  🙂  My description of it would be if Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys were slipped some acid, they shot Bob, and dragged the rest out to the desert and then threatened them under death to play the blues for Captain to sing to as if their lives depended on it…but cheerier.

Hope ya like the loop. Lots more music on the blog, and as always, at WayMusic.

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