I recorded this a few years ago (2009) and never got around to mixing it, although I listen to it fairly regularly while doing something else. It is a cinematic/ambientish/listen-while-you-are-working kind of groove that develops slowly around a tubby bass line with a tone borrowed from dub and a laid back beat with polyrhythmic cymbals.

The development comes from two places. First, at about 4:38, the guitar gets looped and run through a granulator thingie called splonki, an oldie from Andreas a.k.a. ioplong at SmartElectronix that turns the flangy distorted lead guitar into a gritty organ sound that changes the groove. Then the whole thing gets gradually taken over by manipulating the filters and delay times on (sadly no more) arcDev Industries’ wonderful echo contraption, the echotank, with some midi controllers.
n.b. Andreas’s section of Smartelectronix seems to be down. You might try to resuscitate it from archive.org’s wayback machine if you want the plugin. Arcdev used to be at http://arcanedevice.com/ if you want to try the wayback machine on that.

As usual, FB probably people need to come to way.net to listen.


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