rreplay record release Weds 5/13

rreplay is releasing its second album, live from the uncanny valley, on Weds, May 13, from 6-8 at Manifest in Chinatown.  Eric and I hope you can make it to celebrate.  This will be perhaps our one and only live gig, so don’t miss it!  You can listen to the whole album by clicking preview at the link above.  Rreplay Uncanny Valley002

count weevil will be laying down beats in a chill kinda LA style, and he may keep going when rreplay is on.

For the uninitiated, rreplay is an experimental improv duo.  Rich plays guitar  through the laptop, synthesizing it, granulating it, chopping it up, and sometimes just playing it.  Eric plays fretless bass, also through the laptop, providing melodic and rhythmic grounding and ever leading the improv process into and sometimes back from more adventurous territory.  We both work on the beats, and chop them up some more while playing.  I’d describe the music, but you can listen for yourself above and live next Weds.  Hope you can make it!

Manifest is at 32 North Hotel Street.  They have excellent food and great drinks.  Happy hour is 5-7.

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