Eric and I are putting together a demo cd to get gigs, and we will sort out what we think are the best cuts from our recordings here. If anyone is out there, we would love to know what you think of the songs. We have decided to call the band rreplay. We had been initialing all the songs rrep for Eric (EP) and me (RR), and Karen came up with a whole bunch of song titles punning on words beginning with “rep.” We thought rreplay sort of captures what we’re doing then, no? Anyway, on to the music.

My favorite thing we’ve done as of right now is a very loose cover of a chicha song by Los Mirlos — “Sonido Amazonico.” Ours is going by the name of “Amazonia Dub” right now. Chica is hybrid pyschedelic surf twang cumbia music played by hard partying Peruvians who had come to the oil boom cities of Amazonian Peru in the 1960s. Great stuff. You can find out more at Los Mirlos’s website and at Barbes Records, where you can hear a whole collection of Chicha songs. Once I heard it I had to get the album!

My second favorite song that clocks in under ten minutes is this one, which for now is called “cool keep” (We have to figure out what to do with the longer stuff, like this trip-hoppy kind of thing). I also like this little slide blues from last week. This is its rowdier sister. We’ll probably put one blues thing on just to mix it up.

Well, that’s all for now. As always check out all the free music on way.net if you like what you’ve found here.

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  1. For the truly dedicated, you can now find everything ever recorded by us at

    To build this first CD, we’re first going to figure out what things we would like represented, then excerpt and trim to fit. Unfortunately some of the good stuff is in condenser mic recordings of non-CD quality. My favorites that didn’t make the cut were:
    – rreplay – 071030 03 – Windy PIL.mp3
    – rreplay – 071108 03 – DnB.mp3
    – rreplay – 071113 03 – NP Funk.mp3
    – rreplay – 071113 04 – Cool Breakers.mp3 (might pass as a bonus track)
    – rreplay – 071218 04 – open build.mp3

    In addition to your selections, I would also nominate:
    – rreplay – 080101 06 – calling to rock.mp3 (make an excerpt)
    – rreplay – 080108 04 – trip hop (oly).mp3 (make excerpt)
    – rreplay – 071218 05 – PIL Cutoff.mp3 (fade out before it cuts off)
    – rreplay – 071211 01 – Slide Nod.mp3 (alternate recording of “cool keep”)
    – rreplay – 071226 01 – blues to open.mp3 (fade out to limit length)
    – rreplay – 071211 02 – Eric In the Evening in Reverse.mp3 (pop appeal)
    – rreplay – 071211 04 – Outer Time.mp3 (helps w/breadth)
    – rreplay – 071226 02 – semi samba.mp3 (excerpt middle somewhere)
    – rreplay – 071226 04 – latenight chill.mp3 (make an excerpt)
    – rreplay – 080108 02 – radio gloria (oly).mp3 (excerpt or fade)

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