Watch ’em Burn

This is an old thing I probably wrote 30 years ago  It is a bit orchestral in a post-trippy sort of way.  It has words, and this is just a draft of it, but I was pleased with how it worked out.  Hope you like it.  As usual, FB people might have to come to the waymusic page ( to hear it.  I hope you enjoy it.  It is not my usual fare.  I’m not sure if that means it is more or less likely you will like it!

For plugin freaks, the strings are from Cakewalk’s Dimension synth.  The acoustic guitar is the Godin xTSA played through Voxengo’s Perfect Space, but with the convolution set to the sound of ice defrosting in Lake Baikal instead of crossing it with the usual acoustic guitar body.  The loop for the acoustic sound is made with Mobius.  The electric guitar in the rhythm is played through a twangy setting on Voxengo’s great free boogex amplifier then piped through the no longer available Glaceverb reverb set to model the inside of a piano with the sustain pedal down and all the string resonating.  The electric guitar in the last half of the piece is again the Boogex, this time heavily distorted with the speaker modeling turned off and run through the same setting on the glaceverb.