Todos Somos Arizona

update: 11/6/10: now with less helicopter!

Hey everyone, I hope you will give a listen to the soundscape collage/remix I did of the Todos Somos Arizona action on July 29. Basically, it is the whole action (excluding the jail vigils) mixed down to four and a half minutes of killer beats of the drummers, chanters, cops, speakers, and a helicopter.  Shout outs to Carlos and Mario for getting the drums to happen, Kiwa, the busriders’ union and the two ninja drummers for providing the sound of the beat, Danae and the rest for keeping the chants going, the people who put their bodies on the line to get arrested, and everyone who made the action happen.  It took me a crazy amount of time to put together so I hope will take the couple of minutes and give it a listen!  If you like, or even if you don’t, I hope you will also check out all the free music at Way Music and this blog.

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  1. Thanks for the mix. Great job conveying some of the emotion to those of us on the other end of the country keeping an eye and ear out. Proud to have friends on the front line with this.

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